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Looking for some help with a new project?  Either assessing a new technology or assessing how your current technology is leveraged within your educational organization, we can help you get on your way to busting the technology chaos!

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Over 50 years combined experience in technologies
Consulted with Fortune 500 companies on their technology architecture
If we don't know, we learn it!
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About Techno Chaos

As a physical makerspace for 5 years we've hosted projects involving 3D printing, robotics, Internet of Things(IoT), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, programming, Minecraft, etc.  Over the last two years, we have seen the interest grow in schools, libraries and other community organizations to create their own makerspace education programs.   Instead of continuing to grow our own community, we will be starting the next chapter in our journey to inspire making and project-based learning by focusing on providing services to schools, libraries and other communities.  Some of these services will be Makerspace and Robotics Starter Programs.  We look forward to being a partner with you and your organization to continue the journey!