Our Clubs are intended for individuals that are not looking for a lesson with an instructor, but a chance to practice what they have learned thus far and gain experiences.

Robot Rumbles

Are you ready to rumble? Our Robot Rumbles are at all levels of robotics with an intent to develop additional skills and increase experiences of problem solving, creative thinking and yes, to show off.


Enjoy engineering and technology and want to mentor others the power of STEAM? Help us power up the game of fun, meaningful, applied learning and grow in the process! 

Company Events

Want something different for your company parties or customer engagements let us help with by having 3D Printing, a Robotic Games, LEGO®s Theme Build or even Minecraft Play?


Want to integrate robotics, LEGOs, 3D Printing, machines or other hands-on activities into your teacher toolset. We can provide training!


Is your group wanting to design a new product and you need an innovative way for your team to go further in their design and / or make a prototype. Have you tried using LEGOs or 3D Printing?


Want something different for your fundraising event? How about 3D Printing, Robotic Games, LEGO®s Theme Build or even Minecraft Play for your parents, teachers and students.